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Excellence Training gives you the essential approach to fitness and nutrition that will not only save you time and money, You will have life-long lasting results. Innovative creative and effective way to train anywhere. You may access training – on your desktop and or your mobile. Plus attend our live events training or unique active holidays retreats!

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Combine fitness, Nutrition and wellness for a more balanced lifestyle that allows you to change , grow and enjoy life full. LIVE!

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Have something of delicate nature? Or just don’t want to bother others? We support private chat.

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Private active holiday concepts far from the madding crowd, combining training, coaching and creative wellness idea to meet you at the point of your deepest personal needs and wants.

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Active breaks with unique private holidays.  Total immersion retreats In amazing locations around the world. Adventures and fun activities! Its time you make a real beneficial holiday, relax completely, get fit,inwardly and outwardly through our highly effective packages to your liking. Get informed now! Click HERE

RETREATS Benefits Section

CRADLE : Cleanse and Rejuvenate

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East Africa, with diversity of flora and fauna is the most spectacular habitat you will ever experience! Visit the cradle of mankind and feel the beauty of nature as you hangout with gentle giants and feel the heat of the sun at the Equator complete with a safari experience.

SANA: Relax and Heal

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Asia weather Bali, Cambodia, Vietnam or Thailand. Charming, beautiful and relaxing atmosphere in private environment where you can let go, open up and learn new exciting things as well as wonderful experiences to touch or change your life forever!

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EARTH:  Alkalize & Detoxify

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Get in touch with, and make peace with the mother earth. Cleanse and detoxify your body. Rejuvenate, recharge and experience a new healthy lifestyle that will bring harmony and peace of mind to your life.

Balance, Harmony & Vitality

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You do not have to travel far and wide to find your self! You can experience Balance, harmony and vitality right where you are! Maybe you will invest in one of our product for mental training to relax or maybe you will decide to attend one of our up coming retreat event near you? whichever one you chose, you will be amazed and pleasantly surprised!

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