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Consider having a Top  personal trainer at an affordable rate who will train with you live in the comfort of your own home. Take a step now and commit to a new healthier lifestyle in the new year with a success guarantee!

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A professional who is highly committed to your success will take you from where you are and guide you step by step to your ideal figure and weight.

Personal Training is the most effective way to achieve your fitness goals.

Most people set out to get fit in the WRONG WAY! There is a science and an art to fitness training.

You are unique, your individual physical needs, lifestyle and work habits have to be considered in a fitness program.

Get started in the RIGHT WAY to avoid the risks and pain of injury, the trial and error that waste your time and energy! Get life long lasting results with our holistic approach to fitness that will change your life and may be your family for the better.

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We will guide you to set up your living room, balcony or backyard into your fitness studio. Then we will make your body into your own gym and training machine!

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Join our smart phone/watch fit bit community. Keep getting points, active , burning calories and being motivated and fit everyday.

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Weekly or monthly virtual training on demand. Progressive and systematic. We will help you assess Your Fitness correctly and get you started in the right way!

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Apart from your own body, we recommend the least props to get fit. Get our recommendations when you register.

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Qualified, Experienced Personal Trainer who is passionate and committed to serve you in excellence.


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Save the time you go to the gym and maybe your family will join you on a family fitness fun? Once or twice a week. Its your choice! 

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Find many Tips and Tricks to Functional Fitness, Nutrition, Supplementation and wellness in the members area. You may also access past sessions for free!

Personal Training is the most effective way to achieve your fitness goals.

Every Training session is unique and aimed to train your body and mind. Variations and different methods will keep your body responding to change.

A holistic approach will strengthen the big and the often neglected smaller muscles that will improve your posture and maybe correct muscle imbalance caused by modern sedentary lifestyles. Invest in your self now and get started!

Our Online Fitness Classes let you workout with others who share your values

You may join our you tube and face book sites for exchange with others who have experienced excellence training. Many tips, recipes and training adventures awaits you. In our regular retreats you may join our unique active holidays and get much more benefits!

Our Membership Sets You Up For Success

With a solid guarantee for outstanding results or money back when you join a 90 days program. If you have tried many approaches and were disappointed, this will change your body forever!



Consult your physician before starting this or any other fitness program. If you or your family have a history of heart diseases, high blood pressure, are obese or have any medical condition that could be aggravated by physical activity or if your physician advises against it, DO NOT START this fitness program. If you have any history of injury (back, knee, neck, shoulder) please do not attempt to do this work out. Stop immediately if you feel discomfort, light-headed, or nausea & ask for help. The user assumes all risks of injury.

Where do I start?

Start with a complete health and fitness assessment. If you are pressed for time, take the quick health and lifestyle questionnaire and the vital statistics fitness check in the personal training journal.

Important to know is that FITNESS training is NOT SPORTS. No comparison or competition. Start slow and easy. If you have been inactive for long. A 5 minutes walk is a way to get started. You can start with the easy at home training that will give you a basic foundation to get fit for life.

How Do I Assess My Fitness?

Take the Heath questionnaire or visit a health check facility to have a thorough assessment. click HERE 

The fitness formulas will give you a rough estimate of where you are and how to begin.

Check the page on fitness assessment HERE

In the personal training journal, find a whole health, lifestyle questionnaires and fitness assessment already prepared for you!

What Should I eat?

That is a good question!

Depending on your BMR (what your body needs to keep alive) and your desired outcome. A proper guidance is important for you to know what and when to eat. A nutritionist would help you calculate exactly how many calories you need in a day, how to space you meals and what percentage of nutrients (Protein, Carbohydrates, vitamins per meal).

Your age and natural biological rhythms play an important role too. Some foods will be absorbed and used by your body easily than others to know what, when and how requires good guidance! Check the nutrition journal.

What is the best program For me?

That depends on where you are with your fitness. Once you have an assessment of your health and physical condition then the next big question is WHAT DO YOU WANT? How do you want to FEEL? How do you want LOOK? What do you want to DO?

What is your current abilities and preferences? Beware, popular myths of "Just do it" or going Jogging to get fit are not based on any wisdom. Get informed and make intelligent choices when it comes to your healthy well-being! There is no one-size-fits all. Take a complete evaluation if you want a complete transformation! For a better start, my 90 days program will get you realistically in the best shape of your life.

Should I do Yoga?

Yoga is basically a spiritual practice. Yoga means to yoke. It requires experienced gurus to lead someone in the right paths. There are many misleading pathways in yoga that can lead to psycho/spiritual disturbances (possession).

Yoga is not fitness or a sport. It is a spiritual practice of over 5000 years of history!

If you want to relax. Stretch, breath and relax.

The truth of life is a pathless path! Find the WAY to the ONE. The source of all life.

Fine sounding words and grandiose myths are illusions. They are empty at best.

When your goal is to get fit, sensible functional fitness training is what to aim for.

What Should I wear?

For training You may wear any comfortable clothes. You do not need any fancy clothes to get fit! A nice trick to get motivated; get nice clothes that are 4 size smaller! Keep moving and exercising until you fit in them!

What About Water and Isotonic Drinks?

Water is what you need period! Get in tune with Your body. Your body knows when you need water. Keep hydrated especially during exercises where you sweat profusely. Some people run a marathon of 42 Km without drinking a drop of water! Don't be fooled by the clever marketing. Drink only when you are thirsty.